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Interior & Exterior Parts Assembly

Seat system, instrument panel, sub-instrument panel, ceiling, steering wheel, central control box, airbag, seat belt, headrest, sun visor, foot pad, main carpet, door trim, pillar guard system, plastic parts, function parts, standard parts, universal parts assembly, front and rear bumper assemblies, automotive lighting, front cover trim panels, interior and exterior rearview mirrors, hatch covers, rear license plate lamp covers, anti-scratch strips, hub covers, luggage racks, sunroofs , glass, sealing strips, chrome-plated decorative strips, etc.

Applied & Raw Materials

Seat fabrics, ceiling materials, automotive leather, textiles, non-woven materials, non-woven fabrics, new security and environmental protection materials, sound insulation & heat insulation & shock absorption materials, adhesives, bonding and sealing products, and fastening solutions. Rubber and plastic materials and products, engineering plastics, modified plastics. Composite materials: PU materials, foam materials, carbon fiber, etc. Polymer materials, ABS sheets, plastic products. Chemical raw materials: polyurethane, elastomers, release agents, coatings, inks, resins, masterbatch, additives, etc.

Interior & Exterior Processing Equipments

Automotive industry robots and automation equipment, interior soft material cutting and cutting equipment, sewing equipment. Interior and exterior trim molds and manufacturing technology, 3D printing, 3D scanning equipment, rapid prototyping. Interior welding technology equipment, new process technology and related auxiliary equipment for automotive plastic machinery, thick sheet plastic equipment, automotive polyurethane equipment, ultrasonic and plasma equipment. Appearance and color product technology [for example: in-mold decoration (IMD)]. Leather texture processing technology. Positioning and fastening system. Interior and exterior processing technology equipment and testing instruments, etc.

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology & Equipments

Molding technology and equipment (injection molding, vacuum molding, foaming technology, magnesium-aluminum skeleton molding, blister molding, cooling molding), polyurethane technology, vacuum molding machine, injection molding machine. Stamping or die cutting technology processing. Related injection molding, slush molding, suction coating, extrusion, molding, hot pressing, skinning, spraying, electroplating, welding, etc.

Testing Technology Products & Industrial Assembly

Assembly tools include analysis, testing, and processing techniques. Assembly line, automated equipment production line, assembly technology, conveying equipment, logistics system, pallets, fixtures, related testing equipment and certification agencies, etc.

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